I regularly chair, speak at and take part in national and international events and summits. Recently this has included major events across the UK as well as in over 15 countries from North and South America, the EU and Asia.

Some of the recent organisations I have given speeches, been on panels or chaired sessions for have been the United Nations, UK Foreign Office, House of Lords, Accenture, EY, Morgan Stanley, GE, Lloyds Bank, Barclays Bank, United Airlines, British Airways, BBC, Channel 4, UK Labour Party, Guardian Media Group, UK Department for Business, European Commission, Commonwealth Secretariat, Association of MBAs as well as numerous leading Business Schools, Universities and Business organisations across the globe.

There are some testimonials below and also on the home page from recent organisations I have spoken for.

Slightly randomly I have also done a stand up comedy course, which involved doing a number of open mic sets across London, massive learning experience and thankfully I didn't totally die on my feet!

 If I can support your event in any way contact me here.