Did you take off the full three days last weekend…

August’s Bank Holiday marked the end of the summer holidays for many, and precedes the return to study, work and the usual routine of life (groans all round?!).

As we head into what is bound to be a frantic period leading up to Brexit (maybe… who knows!) and Christmas, it was a good point to stop and evaluate how far we’ve come this year and where we want to go for the rest of the year

It’s especially important for anyone in a start up or setting up a business to make time to centre themselves to help safeguard their emotional wellbeing and keep sight of their long-term goals.

Mental health in small companies is now becoming recognised as an important component of their founders’ success.

In May, the Federation of Small Businesses announced a joint venture with Heads Together, the mental health charity supported by Princes William and Harry, to raise awareness about mental health in small business.

It’s recognised that tackling mental health issues in UK business can be challenging, partly because there is still a reluctance to talk about them, especially for smaller companies and workers who are self-employed.

The 2019 Entrepreneur Pressure & Wellbeing Study by weare3sixty, which supports start up founders, revealed that 77% of founders say that running a business has affected their mental health.

This is why the three-day weekend was a perfect time, whether you are starting a business or well-established, to take stock of everything that is going on in your life that is interlinked with your business, as well as how your team are faring.

In a previous blog to celebrate World Health Day, I summarised a few tips to keep in control of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to help you succeed in all areas of your life, including work. Learning to switch off from work, mark out time to unwind and take small steps to a healthy lifestyle are key to keeping you healthy in every sense.

The same goes for your team. Investing in them by providing a supportive and nurturing environment makes sense, as effectively you will be investing in your human capital and getting the best return for your business. And, of course, apart from this, it makes ethical sense to treat your employees with the respect and support they deserve.

My final tip to hopefully help you recalibrate for up coming shorter weekends (sadly no more bank holidays here in the UK for a bit!) is to embrace failure. It’s healthy to recognise that life is not always about receiving awards and smashing those targets. We all fail sometimes, and the more adept you are at recognising this and turning the negatives into positives, the more you will see your business – and your life outside work – grow.

So, don’t be afraid to take your weekends for yourself, for future bank holidays make sure you take the full three days (you deserve it), and always see it as time invested in you – and therefore the success of your business.

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