Crunchy roasted crickets anyone?

World Environment Day was marked last month on 5th June, and what better way to have celebrated it than with a packet of sustainable crunchy roasted crickets?

This is no joke – eating insects for their sustainable source of protein is one way you can make choices that are in harmony with the environment.

The day gave us all a chance to reflect on how we can run our lives and our businesses in a more sustainable way. And new, innovative solutions such as consuming food we hadn’t considered edible before is one way forward.

The idea behind edible insects is that they provide an alternative to meat, the production of which is harmful to the environment. But insects can be produced in great numbers without draining resources such as land, water and feed, making them a sustainable choice.

Innovative approaches to the environment are also producing interesting concepts, including the ability to turn carbon emissions into protein-based food.

Researchers combined water, carbon dioxide and microbes in a bioreactor, then broke them down using electricity. They ended up with a material that was a close match to basic protein-rich food.

Their hope is that it could be used to supply famine-struck areas of the world, and also to feed animals to free up agricultural land.While crunchy insects and laboratory-grown protein may take a while to catch on, there are still plenty of principles to keep in mind to run your business sustainably.

If you’re setting up a business now, why not start as you mean to go on and take some inspiration from the UN sustainable development goals? They are a call to everyone worldwide to use strategies that promote sustainability.

Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth – is especially pertinent for anyone involved in UK business. It suggests buying from green companies that are equal opportunities employers – and that can apply to you as a business owner, and also to your potential customers. Consumers nowadays are overwhelmingly in favour of buying from companies with green credentials, so it makes perfect business sense.

And Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production – is also relevant. It’s all about promoting resource and energy efficiency with an end goal of a better quality of life for all.

Its targets include reducing waste through reduction, reuse and recycling – something all of us can make a priority.

It also encourages companies – whether you’re a big or small business – to report sustainability information, which is the start of a culture change in demonstrating accountability.

If you’re setting up a business, this is worth considering as a way to encourage the habit of trading more sustainably, and also to offer transparency to your potential customers.

However you celebrated World Environment Day or what ever you are doing to support the environment – crunchy crickets or not – have in mind that we all bear a responsibility, in both our personal and business lives, to trade, consume and live more sustainably.

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