UK Delegation – G20 Entrepreneurs Summit 2019, Japan

Ok ok so the headline pic is of the UK delegation to the 2018 summit in Argentina, and what an awesome group it was! However, this year we are taking an equally excellent group to the Summit in Fukuoka, Japan.

The delegation is made up of members from the IoD 99, and as you will see they are a really diverse and dynamic group, running businesses which are potential game changers in their sector and all of the founders going have a huge passion to learn from fellow entrepreneurs from across the globe. The summit programme looks excellent, (can be found here), with tonnes of speakers, panels and obviously the all important networking and cultural opportunities. There is even a pitch session and we have a few of the UK delegates entered into this.

Attached below is the UK delegation booklet, it highlights each of the delegates going and tells you a bit about their business and what they want to get out of the summit. Have a read of it and you will see what i mean about them being a fantastic group of Founders. To be honest I feel hugely privileged to be leading the delegation and I know I will learn a huge amount from them. Please do read over the attached and connect with them, i know they would love to hear from you.

I will be writing another post prior to the summit, which will include info about the session I am chairing called the F*ck Up session. God knows why the picked me!!!! Last year I chaired a similar session and had someone share their story of how the recruited an amazing tech person virtually, only to be contacted by the FBI as the person was on their most wanted list!! Not too sure we will beat that story this year… I will also aim to write one or two posts after the summit to share some of the learnings from the different sessions and also some of the top tips from our delegation, so watch this space 🙂

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