Celebrate the best of British this St. George’s Day

If you’re thinking of a way to celebrate St. George’s Day on 23rd April, why not use it as an opportunity to champion the best of British local and national business?

There are many reasons why consumers are increasingly turning to local and national products. As I have outlined in a previous blog, making mindful decisions about what you’re buying and purchasing responsibly is better for the environment, means you get fresher produce that supports the local community and economy, and helps sustain creativity and innovation.

Certainly, for fresh produce, it makes sense to buy British. If you live rurally, farm shops are never far away, and the increasing popularity of farmers’ markets bring local produce into towns and cities. Traceability and quality are also key reasons to buy local. Knowing exactly which farm your goods come from means accountability and in turn leads to better quality. And of course, buying locally and buying British means you are doing your bit for sustainability and for the environment.

To find out about how you can support British farmers, find out about the Back British Farming campaign here. The Make It British site is also a great source of information on where you can find a whole range of British products and manufacturers.

It also makes sound business sense, as IRI’s latest European Shopper Survey found that overall, consumers are increasingly favouring buying local or national goods, especially fresh produce. However, there is still plenty of work to do to get all generations on board.  It’s the 18-24 age group that anyone setting up a business needs to win over. They are more likely to buy big, international brands, claiming they are better value for money and more innovative. They are also more inclined to use social media channels to do research before they make their purchases.

As a start up or small business, it pays to be mindful of consumer expectations, and ensure that what you are offering has a wide enough appeal for all generations to choose you over an international competitor.
When you’re starting a business, this means paying close attention to whether your prices are competitive, providing what consumers want and publicising your USPs so your locally-produced item has the edge over something that has come from further afield.

Make the most of those social media channels to get your messages out there, and remember that today’s young consumers will also be the consumers of tomorrow, so it’s vital to get them signed up now.

Make it your mission this St. George’s Day to celebrate all that UK business has to offer – as a consumer, a business owner and a champion of this dynamic and creative nation!

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