Marketing suggestions for your start up

When you are starting a business, you will find that you wear a lot of hats all at once. In order to get your start up off the ground, you will need to upskill yourself to a basic level in a wide range of tasks, and one of the most important of these will be marketing.

Though you specialise in one particular thing, you will have to adjust your approach to be a ‘jack of all trades’, with some understanding of what each area of your business involves. Marketing, at its core, means engaging with your customer/ potential customer base to make them aware of your products or services, to stand out from the crowd and convince them that you are worth choosing over the competition. It is a challenging prospect for the beginner, but there is lots out there in terms of advice to help you through.

Finding ways to connect

If your UK business is of the B2B variety, one of the most important marketing steps you can take is to establish yourself as a thought leader. You can do this by producing and publishing consumable content like blogs, videos, tutorials and the like. If you are setting up a business with more of a B2C focus, there are consumer channels you can use to reach your audience, such as Instagram and Twitter. 

In either case, the basic principle is the same: you are attempting to find the right network of people for your business, and to be collaborative in order to enthuse and engage. This collaborative approach means that you both share your knowledge and benefit from the knowledge of others, and it is the best way to get people to form a connection with your business.

Growing with trusted partners

As your small business grows, you will find there is less of a need for you to continue being the jack of all trades. In the longer term, it is important that you bring people into your business with the skills and commitment to support your growth. As you network with people in the early stages, you will meet people like this with whom your collaborative efforts will have formed a working relationship. This way, when you reach the stage of needing to outsource work, you will already have trusted partners with whom you have a working relationship.

A great opportunity

Networking in this way is key to your success, there are lots of events out there you can go to help on this front, but one of the best opportunities I have been to recently was the B2B Marketing Expo. It is a fantastic opportunity for many small business owners to learn from one another and meet people that could help them in the future. If you have real ambitions to grow your business in the coming years, check it out for next year, this is a real opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

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