Spring forwards with the clocks

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for winter to be over! Dark evenings and chilly days aren’t my favourite combination. Luckily, the first day of spring is right around the corner, the clocks will be going forward on this Sunday and today I had a meeting in the sun in the park 🙂

Some good, and much needed (I wont mention the B word…), news for UK business is that they tend to get a boost from the clocks going forward. Longer evenings mean people staying out of the house after work – giving businesses more time to draw in customers. The second quarter of the year also marks the point where most consumers have recovered from their festive splurge!

This comes as no great surprise to British business owners. We’re a nation obsessed with the weather, and it leaks into every part of our lives. You’ll find new entrepreneurs setting up a business as the sun begins to shine and established businesses taking a fresh look at their work.

So, sticking to a time theme and while we’re thinking about clocks, take the chance to reflect on your time and project management techniques. How happy are you with the last few months’ deadlines being met? Could you introduce a more efficient routine?

For a small business, the start of spring is a great time to start afresh – again. Are you keeping to your new year’s resolutions (mainly your business resolutions)? Are you where you want to be, business-wise?

Q2 is the new Q1 – the beginning of the financial year is an excellent opportunity to shed unhelpful business practices and recommit to the things that are working.

A year is a long time in business. So much changes in 12 months that a review can be messy and unhelpful. Three months is a good period to see whether something’s working for you. If it isn’t, make new resolutions. 

Set goals and ‘themes’ for the coming quarter, encouraging yourself to think in new directions. A start-up should be constantly evolving. Or, if you’re starting a business, look over your plans again to make sure nothing needs updating. Markets change, and strategies need to change with them.

You can also use this period to become more target-driven. Did you hit your targets this quarter? If not, can you hit the ones you’ve set for next quarter – or should you modify your targets to be more realistic?

Another seasonal tradition is the spring clean. That doesn’t always have to be literal. It may be controversial to say, but it could be worthwhile having a ‘spring clean’ of your clients and business. By that, I mean look at what you’re working with: your internal structures, your projects and even your clients. Are any of these things holding you back?

As we welcome in spring, we can refocus on what will deliver value for the business. Follow the leads into Q2 2019; enjoy brighter evenings and a clearer path forward!

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