Happy 30th

One of my commitments is my position as vice president in the organisation YES for Europe – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs.

YES for Europe was launched 30 years ago in September 1988 by seven national groups of young entrepreneurs in order to face the challenges resulting from the ratification of the Single European Act in July 1987. Young entrepreneurs from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan and Portugal met in Capri (I) during the the National Convention of the Italian organisation Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori, to sign the “International Young Entrepreneurs Charter”, the so-called “Capri Charter”, which established the fundamental principles for the future cooperation.

Since then YES has continuously pursued cooperation and growth within Europe and abroad. Yes for Europe aims at being a driving force ensuring that young entrepreneurs lead the economic, industrial and social renaissance of a new, resilient, digitalised and integrated Europe.

The organisation has a vision to:

  • be a pan-European network, dynamically connecting young entrepreneurs and providing support from idea-generation to scale-up of their enterprises to generate jobs and wealth via innovation, collaboration and trade;
  • promote increased cooperation and practice-sharing amongst member associations and bridging them to the international networks it belongs to;
  • ensure understanding of the importance and value of an efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The goals of the organisation are:

  • To connect young entrepreneurs in Europe, supporting them in taking advantage of the unparalleled united European Union market of 500M+ people and €13+ trillions;
  • To gather Young Entrepreneurs to represent the EU at International Relations projects such as G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, Allied for Startups and other international fora;
  • To intensify entrepreneurial activity and impact;
  • To facilitate know-how, success stories and role models sharing among the YES for Europe member Associations;
  • To pursue studies, publish white papers and promote soft lobby efforts towards a more entrepreneurship friendly legislative, financial and educational environment in Europe.An organisation such as YES for Europe, brings together many different aspects of entrepreneurship. Not only is it, as mentioned above, a place for discussing common goals such as lobbying to promote a favourable political and financial climate for entrepreneurs within and in connection with Europe. It is also a place for direct networking with other business leaders, an educational platform in understanding business culture in other countries, regions and industries and an opportunity for young entrepreneurs that sit within the organisation to learn new leadership skills, reaching out to European organisations and fellow company leaders with different backgrounds and experiences. Bringing together entrepreneurs in this way combines hard value with soft value in a rather unique way – transcending business culture, business area and company size – and it reminds of the importance of cooperation and openness to reach common goals.

To find out more about the work of YES please checkout their website here.

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