A global family

As a member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA), I was part of the UK delegation attending the G20 Entrepreneurs summit in Berlin in 2017, which included 8 members of the IoD 99. The summit brought together over 400 founders from across the G20 member nations for a 2 day conference that focused on Digital Trends for Future Business.

In the past the YEA been pivotal in ensuring that the voice of young entrepreneurs is heard by the G20 leaders . Everyone came together in Berlin to learn, share experiences and network. The summit also gave us the opportunity to voice our concerns and work together to see how we could build a better future for young entrepreneurs and small business owners.

One concern which was highlighted was regarding the lack of knowledge and skills being provide to young people across G20 countries, skills which are extremely vital for new technology and businesses. Seeing as small and medium sized businesses are the main job creators in the G20 economies, often there is a lack of guidance readily available and in some cases a real disconnect between the needs of the employer and the education system. From personal experience I have noticed how the issues of talent, education and employability skill sets come up time and again when speaking to UK start-ups and IoD 99 members who are trying to recruit and grow their teams. I, along with the rest of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance call on G20 leaders to find ways to educate during this ever-changing time, and find ways to harness technological change.

With so many changes taking place especially within the digital world, the structural modernisation of the global economy is somewhat unclear. There are definitely uncertainties in regards to the future of our businesses, and that of course makes business owners uneasy. As stated by Carsten Lexa, the Chair of the Steering Committee of the G20 YEA;
“The rapid process of digitalisation requires world governments to enact new policies immediately,” That’s exactly why the G20 YEA team created the Germany Communiqué; a document, which urges G20 leaders to find rules and standards for the development of current digital trends. The framework of the document calls upon the 2016 G20 Leaders commitment to advance innovative and economic growth, including the G20 entrepreneurship action plan.

We’re in an ever changing time, new digital platforms are popping up and with the increase of start-ups in the tech space, in order to ensure growth and job creation, not only here in the UK but in all G20 countries, young entrepreneurs need a framework that supports these new forms of entrepreneurship. One call to action which was discussed was about ICT infrastructure, in order to allow start-ups to grow. The G20 YEA also called upon the G20 leaders to set a goal to have 5G network in place in both developed and lesser developed countries by 2022. Another recommendation by the G20 YEA was the creation of a G20 entrepreneur Visa Programme, to create a simplified process to applying for short-term visas for young entrepreneurs by 2020.

It was fantastic to be part of the summit and meet like-minded founders from across the world. I also felt hugely proud to have a number of other members with me from the IoD 99 who did a fantastic job of showcasing the UK as an awesome place to start-up and grow a new venture.

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