The 2016 duvet

2016 in the wider context was at best a year that created uncertainty and at worst was simply a crap year. When I was really young I remember scaring myself thinking there was a monster in my room, but if I hid under my duvet all will be ok…

2016 was a year when too often fear dominated. Fear makes us close off, it makes us scared of those things we don’t understand. Put very simply fear makes us look inward and we isolate ourselves.

Lets take a moment to think of the fight or flight analogy. In 2016 did we fight for what we believe in? Did we fight for what in our hearts we know to be right, a world where those that truly need support are helped, those that a desperately trying to find a better life for their families are supported? Or did we take flight? Did we allow fear and hateful rhetoric to rule us?

Too often we look at the scenes we see on the news, the circumstances that have caused them and the problems just seems so huge, we run the risk of sitting back and thinking there isn’t much I can do.

But there is.

2017 needs to be year where we meet the language of fear in all is guises head on, it has to be a year when we call out hateful rhetoric pedaled by scaremongers, it needs to be a year where we encourage our politicians to be statesmen and women, we need to support them to make the tough global decisions that will drive real support for those that need it the most. We just cannot sit back and think it will all be ok. We cannot hide under our duvets.

Fear won’t go away, it will just embed itself and grow, it will create xenophobic and isolationist mentalities. It needs to be countered and the only way that this can be done is by all of us standing up for what we believe in, for what we know is right.

We need to look outside of our four walls, to raise our heads above the parapet, to look globally towards our fellow mankind and step up to be the voice for those that don’t have one.

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