UK Delegation to G20 YEA Summit 2015

The 2015 G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit took place in Turkey. It was the 5th G20 YEA summit and this years one happened where two great regions come together, Istanbul, the meeting place of Europe and Asia. A chance to share cultures, share business ideas and share learnings.

If you are a founder/ cofounder running a growing business and looking to expand overseas, there are some excellent sector focused trade missions and support from UKTI as well as country specific missions and support from bodies like UKIBC, CBBC and others. There are also excellent resources to support you when looking into a new market from organisations like the British Library, Institute of Directors, Santander and others, providing you with the information you need on a opportunities, contacts etc.

However, if time is precious/ limited and you are looking for general exposure to a large number of high growth markets as well as meeting entrepreneurs running growing companies in these markets, the opportunities are few and far between.

I was involved in the foundation of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20 YEA) at the G20 Leaders Summit in Toronto 2010, now the UKs engagement with the G20 YEA is lead by Young Brits and Youth Buisness International, ensuing the UK has a strong level of engagement in the Alliance. Since its foundation the G20 YEA has grown to become a leading international body representing young entrepreneurs across G20 members nations and further afield, providing supporting, insights and contacts. Every year the G20 YEA runs a major high profile summit in the host nation for young entrepreneurs to come together from across the world. These summits include a mix of high profile speakers, along with focused workshops, trade briefing sessions and of course lots of networking. This year’s summit is taking place in Istanbul, Turkey from the 7th to 9th September where 400+ young business owners will come together.

Over the years is has been great to see entrepreneurs from the UK come together to with their peers from China to Brazil and the USA to South Africa, setting up friendships, trade connects and creating business opportunities.

So what it is it like to attend one of these summits? Well the best way is to checkout some of the great past videos here including delegate insights and 7second startup tips from entrepreneurs across the globe. You can also view some past delegate blogs posts from the Australian Summit here and the Russian Summit here.

If you are keen to find out more on coming to Istanbul as part of the official UK delegation please register here.

Please be aware there is a cost from the hosts to attend, which goes towards covering you lunches, dinners, activities etc and successful delegates would be required to book their own flights and accommodation. However, if you did want to join the delegation there will be a free briefing session before departure focusing on sector opportunities for you and your business in G20 member nations. There will also be a chance to be a part of an event at the House of Commons later in they year to share your experiences and you will be given support to help ensure that UK delegates will be able to travel and stay together.

I have been to these summits on a number of occasions, they are very worthwhile, they are not a business holiday and the networking is intensive, so bring lots of business cards!

Good luck.

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