Scotland and the Union

Part of my family is from Scotland, I was born in England and I was brought up in Wales. I feel very British and am extremely proud to be so. If Scotland decides to separate on the 18th September it will change our country forever and this I feel will be a huge lose; not only for Scotland, but for all of us from across the UK.

The referendum is an extremely emotive issue, it is splitting Scotland down the centre and whichever way the vote goes it will be a tight result. Although I don’t live in Scotland and therefore don’t have a vote, I have been watching the debate from both sides over the last 2 years and I strongly feel that a number of really key issues around Scotland separating have not been addressed.

Theses issues I have listed below and will directly impact the day to day life of those living and working in Scotland:

  • • There is a risk to the cost of living, leaving the UK would mean an average increase for Scottish tax payers of up to £1,000 per year
  • • There is a huge risk to going it alone, there is a strong chance Scotland would lose the stability of the UK pound.
  • • There is a very real pension risk; Scotland would lose the financial protection provided by the UK to pensions.
  • • There is a risk to schools and hospitals, at present additional funding helps pay for schools and hospitals in Scotland
  • • There is a risk to jobs and businesses; at present over 1million jobs are linked to the UK, many of which are in the finance and defence industries. We have already heard that RBS, Lloyds and others are moving aspects of their operations from Scotland if there is a yes vote
  • • There is no guarantee that Scotland could join the EU, at least not in the short term.

But why stay a part of the Union? There are the issues of the heart, if Scotland did decide to separate all we have achieved together, all our history together, all of this would finish. We are a family of nations, we have celebrated together in times of success and we have supported each other in times of need. We punch well above our weight and we are one of the strongest economies in the world. From a Scottish only perspective being a part of the Union has major direct benefits, did you know:

  • • As part of the UK 1 in 5 Scottish jobs are with companies based elsewhere in the UK
  • • Currently all decisions about the NHS is Scotland are made in Scotland, but are paid for by tax payers from across the whole of the UK
  • • As part of the UK Scottish households pay £100s less on energy bills.
  • • As part of the UK Scotland benefits from lower mortgage repayments saving circa £1,300 for those with a 75% mortgage

I really do feel we are all better together, we are stronger together, we share a common history, lets also share a common future.

If you are thinking of voting yes, please vote with your head and your heart. There is no going back on a yes vote and the detrimental impact it will have on the Scottish economy  and for Scottish citizens will be felt for generations to come.

If you are voting no, please talk to your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues about why you are voting no. Talk to them about the direct impact it will have on their pockets and the core services they use. It is set to be extremely tight and every vote really will make a difference.

4 Replies to “Scotland and the Union”

  1. I think the No campaign have focused too much on the finances of the decision. As Cameron said, this is decision for 100yrs not just a term of parliament. The UK is a different financial place from 5 years ago, let alone 20 years ago, or 100 years ago.

    I support the No vote, but they really do need to pull out some better long term reasons for those on the fence to get behind. It has been very negative so far, rather than talking about the pros of staying in the UK.

  2. Alex,

    I completely agree with you and have commented on LinkedIn over the last few days!

    The Scots need to think about the significant cost to their pocket!

    The Scottish Parliament was the tail that wagged the dog and this too costa the people and British people too much without the benefits.

    We are better together and egos have got on the way-it was ever thus in Scottish politics.

    Well done on your sense and wisdom as always!

    My best,

    Michael Green
    Commercial Director
    Nespresso Nestle,
    Saudi Arabia.

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