G20 YEA Mexico pt2

Before I get on to Day two, I wanted to tell a bit out the end of day one… We circled Mexico City airport for almost 2hours waiting to land as the runway was flooded… We then had a 2hour taxi ride to the hotel (should have taken 30mins!). I ended up getting to bed at 3am after finishing my last blog and writing up notes ready for day two. Day two started at 4hours later with a strong coffee! 


The formal agenda for Day two is for the country President and Sherpa meetings (a pic of the meeting is above) and kicked off with a session hosted by one of the YES knowledge partners, Ernst & Young. They reaffirmed their commitment to our mission and declared that they want to make us famous globally.


“This has to happen back in our home countries, throughout the 361 days per year when we are not all gathered together at our annual Summit”, commented Helen Gale, UK Co-President and YBI Research & Policy Director. “The key is to understand, to evidence and to communicate what it is that is specific about supporting young entrepreneurs specifically. This is how we will build our credibility and our purpose to government and business leaders worldwide”, she continued.


We then heard from the head of the ITESM Santa Fe campus.  They have a business incubator at the campus and their youngest entrepreneur in the incubator is 7years old…


Next up was Thomas Wissing from the International Labour Organsiation, who was giving some fascinating global perspectives on labour markets and the very real issue of global youth unemployment and the knock on effect this will have to business competitiveness and economic growth.


Following Thomas was Dr John Kirton, from the G20/ G8 Research Group who was covering the challenges facing our societies within the groupings. He also touched on some of the recent comments regarding if the G20 has really had any effect since the ‘glory days of global crisis in 2008/ 09 when global action was taken’. The feeling was very much so, but it has broadened out and there is a need to try and ensure governments commitment to their on camera commitments at the summits.


The day continued with discussions around the possibility of making 2015 the international year of entrepreneurship, then concluded with workshops and meeting around the summit communiqué development. I can’t tell you anything more about this at present, you will have to wait until it is signed and launch later in the week… 


Today I was stuck by the conversations that we had a group level around the need for real collaboration, which is one of the reason why I co-founded Young Brits network. Also the sharing of data and best practice at a national and international level and how this is key to creating impact, providing influence and if done so will make the real change for good at a global level for young entrepreneurs.


The main summit kicks off tomorrow morning, but for now I will leave you with two positive quotes. The first is from Dr John Kirton, from the G20/ G8 Research Group “The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit has to become the institutional equal to the B20” and the second is from Maria Pinelli, Global Vice Chair of Strategic Growth markets at Ernst & Young ‘You need to be famous. Everyone needs to know about you and the work you are doing’


To keep updated live on what is happening in Mexico please be sure to follow the following on twitter:





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