G20 YEA Mexico Pt1

Back again…!

Why do I say that, well I wanted to start by saying a big thanks to Dan Martin and Businesszone, they have been hugely supportive of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20YEA)and I have been writing blogs from different summits for almost two years now.  The Alliance has been doing great things, but myself and Dan have always wanted to share this work with others and ensure it has the widest possible impact and engagement. So a big thank you from me and from the Alliance.

Now onwards and upwards. Or sideways and slightly downwards, if my global geography serves me correctly regarding where Mexico is in relation to the UK…

I write this from somewhere over the Atlantic… heading away from London and the UK on the Queens Jubilee weekend. I am a bit of a fan for the Queen and I think 60years of service to the country is truly remarkable, so I am actually quite sad to not be there for the Diamond Jubilee, not least so because of the 4 days weekend! However instead of street parties and pimms, concerts and pageantry I will be representing the UK at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit in Mexico. Something that is only two years old, but I hope will still be going strong in 60 years.

Now, a quick history lesson on the Alliance. It was born out of the G20 Entrepreneurs Summit, that was held exactly 2 years ago in Toronto, Canada in June of 2010. Since then we have been to South Korea and France, now it is Mexico. The Summits we have held have been attended by over 1,000 young entrepreneurs from every nation within the G20. On a global level the Alliance is now represented at a national level within every G20 Nation (19 + the EU), it has had official recognition at all the recent G20 Leaders summits, including the upcoming one in Mexico and the Alliance communiqué has been officially handed over to the G20 leaders.

The last two years has been a real journey, and from a UK stand point has only been possible with the support of organisations like The IoDPrinces’ Youth Business InternationalYoung EnterpriseVirgin Media PioneersUnLtd,Shell LiveWIREYoung Brits and Princes Trust. All these organisations have been instrumental in helping to drive the G20 YEA in the UK forward, ensuring that the UKs delegations to the Summits are made up of entrepreneurs from across the UK and representing all backgrounds and sectors.

On Wednesday (30th May), we held a reception at the IoD in London for past current and (hopefully some) future UK delegation members. The event was also the launch of theYoung Brits Network, a Social Enterprise dedicated to furthering the global opportunities for Britain’s next generation of business and entrepreneurial leaders. Young Brits is also the Co-Lead in the UK for the G20YEA, alongside Princes Youth Business International. In addition to the entrepreneurs, the reception and launch was also attended by senior business people interested in this space, government officials wanting to support the work of the G20 YEA and Young Brits, angle investors keen to help with funding and members of the media. Over 80 people we able to make the event and it was addressed by Baroness Wilcox, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

I am aiming to write a blog daily from Mexico and I will get input from members of the UK delegation as well as other delegates. I will also include relevant links to reports we will be launching out in Mexico, these will focus on over coming barriers, funding and creating entrepreneurial ecosystems. But to keep updated live on what is happening in Mexico please be sure to follow the following on twitter:


You can also follow me here: www.twitter.com/AlexDMitchell

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