Entrepreneurs at the G20 in Mexico

Almost exactly two years ago to the day the idea of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20YEA) was born. The idea was a big one, to bring together young entrepreneurs and the organisations that support them and provide a collective voice to champion young entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Two years later and the G20YEA is represented at a national level within all the G20 member nations, it is an officially recognised body within the G20 movement and its communiqués have been handed onto the G20 Leaders meetings. In addition to this it has pulled together major summits before every G20 Leaders meeting, with over 800 entrepreneurs from all the nations within the G20 taking part and IoD Young Director Forum members have been a key part of every official delegation from the UK to these summits.

So the initial idea was a big one and you could say ‘job done’, but this is just the start… Entrepreneurs and SMEs are the bedrock of our economy, they are the job, wealth and skills creators, we need to support them in anyway we can going forward, now more so than ever.

The IoD has been involved in the movement from the start and will continue to work closely with Prince’s Youth Business International and the Young Brits Network in supporting the G20YEA in the UK going forward.

I will be blogging about the outcomes of the Summit on my return, but in the mean time to find out more about the G20YEA visit: www.g20yea.com and follow what is happening at the G20 Summit in Mexico here:


I will leave you with a quote from Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico, inviting the G20YEA to Mexico and who will be welcoming the Alliance to Mexico City in early June:

“It is always a pleasure to speak to young entrepreneurs like yourselves, who are the architects of the 21st Century. The energy, inspiration and the strength that will transform the world into the place we all seek are in your hands… I invite you to continue your hard work to become precisely that leadership group that will transform the world and develop a better future for all. In Mexico we await you with open arms.”

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