Entrepreneurs are the solution

Be it the invention of the spear, the building of the first hut, the carving out of the first canoe, Graham Bell wishing he could pickup something to say hello to a friend far away or the Wright Brothers looking up and thinking man needs to be in the skies, entrepreneurs have lead the way, seeing a problem and developing of a solution, pushing the boundaries and challenging what we thought possible.

Entrepreneurs have been the bedrock of our civilization and they are the life blood of our future economy; it is through the development of an enterprising economy and the inspiration of a new generation of inventors and innovators that the UK will once again help to lead the world in new idea generation.

On Monday 15 November, Global Entrepreneurship Week will kick off in over 100 countries, a movement to educate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Initially created in 2004 by Enterprise UK (an independent charity with government support from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, founded by the UK’s largest business organizations, including the IoD) Enterprise Week started with the aim of coordinating youth enterprise activity around the UK and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Good ideas travel fast and in 2008 Enterprise UK collaborated with the US-based Kauffman Foundation to co-found Global Entrepreneurship Week – an international movement to accelerate entrepreneurship around the world.

By 2009 Global Entrepreneurship Week had been replicated in 88 countries including Australia, America, Argentina, China, India and Russia. The scale and quality of events has attracted Presidents, Prime Ministers and almost 7.5 million people in 32,861 activities across the globe. In the UK, 529,083 people took part in the week in 2009 with over 4,812 events involving 2,428 partners across every Region and Devolved Administration.

The aim for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 is to build on this phenomenal success by getting over 100 countries involved, thereby enhancing the global networks that people can utilise as well as highlighting the UK as a true hub for global entrepreneurialism. This worldwide movement has already proven to increase confidence, skills and abilities of new and existing entrepreneurs. It also provides the opportunity to promote and support existing UK organisations and entrepreneurs, particularly those with high growth ambitions, by providing platforms for them to connect with global networks and markets.

So as we enter a decade where we will have to be more entrepreneurial, initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week are an essential part of equipping a more entrepreneurial set of people in the UK. As we expect more and more of our entrepreneurs to secure a sustainable economic future for us all, then it is only right that we all get behind global movements attempted to celebrate and nurture their future successes.

To put it simply ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week – be a part of it’


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